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Our super experienced content studio will meet with you to conceptualise ways to tell your stories. Because we are writing the piece from iDidTht’s perspective, you avoid that pesky self-promotion thing, which can sometimes be a bit awks. We write editorials with a knowledge and understanding of who your audience is and our engagement to date is proof of that. And wait, there’s more! It’s not dry-scratch-your-eyes-out-with-a-spoon-boring. Can we get an AMEN!?

Have a look at a few of the editorials we’ve created.

iDidTht introduces Anton Visser & Zayd Halim’s newly launched Patriot Films.

An exclusive look at what makes this dynamic duo tick and their plans for their new company. They reveal all (because we forced them to) and we even threw in some GIFs, because reading is literally the worst!
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iDidTht Gets Schooled. Meet the New Wave of Filmmakers.

Meet the emerging filmmakers serving up some executive realness. iDidTht sits down with Director Jabu Newman and Producer Mvelisi Mvandaba from inc. Now let’s get in formation.
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Face to Face with iDidTht: Featuring Ian Gabriel from Giant Films.

Here at iDidTht we spare no expense, so naturally we treated Ian to some water at the Spur. It’s everything you never knew you needed to know about this award-winning film and commercial director.
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Face-to-Face with iDidTht: Featuring Ernest Nkosi from Bioscope Films.

iDidTht gets blown away by SA’s Feng Shui, rugby-playing, teetotaler, vegetarian, Rastafarian, award-winning director with an obsession for motorsport.
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We Talk Directly to the Industry

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People don’t get to ‘see’ what your company looks and acts like until they’re either a client of yours or they’re working for you. Yes, you know your company well, after all, you work there all day (and night), and sometimes forget that nobody else knows what it’s like. All these stories are usually left for the pitch room. Why?!

Editorial Ideas for Agencies:

  • Feature your company culture, strategy and values. Let us tell your unique story.

  • Highlight your agency’s philosophy.

  • Open the doors of your agency to the whole creative industry and reveal what makes you different.

  • Feature talented leaders in your agency and tell their story.

  • Showcase a campaign you’re proud of – we can get behind the scenes, the strategy, the results and feature the team who created it.

Editorial Ideas for Production Companies:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at your office and the people that make it a home.

  • Highlight speciality services and unique skill sets.

  • Introduce new or talented individuals in your company to the whole industry

  • Feature your newly launched business or sub-company.

Editorial Options

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iDidTht will meet with you for a briefing in order to help conceptualise your editorial. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry will assist in positioning your company. We’ll personally interview your team and write your story for you. Once we have your thumbs up, we’ll share it with the industry!

• 4 Editorials Per Year
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