iDidTht Monthly Craft Awards

Give your new work the best shot at being seen.

It’s bad enough that half of what you shoot ends up on the cutting-room floor, don’t let the same happen to your reel. iDidtht hosts its own Craft Awards every month. We secure top Creative Directors to award the finest in craft and then we share it via all our channels. iDidTht delivers directly to influential agency mailboxes around the country.

Have a look at a few of our previous Craft Awards.

Best in Film Craft: June 2017

Brendan Hoffmann, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Machine, awards iDidTht’s best in film craft for June. The Hoff is an industry leader in raising kids and being an all round kind and gentle family man… Oh and he happens to also be a multi-award winning creative badass! An honour to have you Hoffers.
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Best in Film Craft: February 2017

Mike Barnwell, Executive Creative Director at FCB Cape Town, awards the best in film craft by Production Companies this month. Mike left New Zealand in 2012, sending the country into a downward spiral – it is now the 4th highest user of amphetamines worldwide. Meanwhile, since Mike moved to Cape Town, the city has been named the world’s ‘Best City’. Coincidence? We think not…
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Best in Film Craft: May 2017

Bridget Johnson awards this month’s best in film craft by Production Companies. She doesn’t like to brag, so we’ll do it for her: Bridget is brilliant! She’s been in the game for over 2 decades, scooped up a ridiculous amount of awards and has judged everything from Cannes to that weird hat you once wore. We bow down to her greatness!
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Here are a few industry leaders that have judged our monthly Craft Awards.

We carefully brief our industry experts on how to judge craft. Each piece of awarded work receives a personal comment about why the craft stood out. If your work is awarded, we add it, along with the award and the judges’ comments, to your iDidTht Company Page. For those viewing your page, this will serve as a true endorsement and will be featured on your page, forever…*insert angel choir here*

Work can be entered under the following categories:

  • Direction Craft (Short Films, Music Videos, Advertising)

  • Offline or Online Editing Craft

  • Special Effects

  • Animation

  • Original Music or Final Music Mix

Why is this better than what you’re doing already?

• All directors know, it’s easier landing a ten mil budget than setting up meetings to show creatives your work.
• Chances are that when you send your reel it doesn’t even get past the producer’s desk.
• And when you send rad memory sticks, that have your name and work on them, they get wiped and used for the latest season of Game of Thrones or even worse, cat videos.

The truth is, it’s hard getting your new work seen by creatives – and even harder getting it to the right creatives. That’s why we do it all for you, with the added bonus of it coming from an unbiased third party. Which means you’re not punting yourself, we are. And that’s worth it’s weight in creative lunches and freebies.

Who Receives our Craft Awards?

All work entered is showcased monthly and results are sent to the creative industry.

iDidTht has an average of 15 000 monthly page views.
Over 6 000 newsletter subscribers.
And our Facebook posts reach between 3 500 and 5 500 people.
Over 4 200 followers on Twitter – The best in the industry follow us.

iDidTht Craft Award Options

Entry Fees

Deadline for entries is the 21st of every month and entering your work is quick and easy. All you need is a YouTube or Vimeo link.

• 5 Entries per year
R7 440 (R1 480 per entry)

• 9 Entries per year
R9 000 (R1 000 per entry)

• 20 Entries per year
R13 200 (R660 per entry)

Email iDidTht to set up your Craft Award subscription

Entry FAQs

  • All work must have been produced/first flighted within the last 3 months of the date of entry deadline e.g. April deadline would call for work from Feb, March or April.

  • We welcome work that you’ve produced for international clients, as long as it was done by someone who resides in South Africa.

  • You may submit the same piece of work to the SA Film Reel, as long as it hasn’t been previously awarded and it falls within the entry date criteria.

  • Your entries are not restricted to commercials. It can be anything that one of your directors has shot e.g. a music video, online content etc.